I love to write, so this is my story.

My name is Anthony Joseph Bassett and I am the founder of Brand Sidekick.

In case you don’t know from the name, a Brand Sidekick is someone or a team of people that help a brand create a raving fan experience for clients, employees, and investors.

How does my company help you or your company to create such a raving fan experience?

I would rather work for an individual that pays me $2,500 per year than a Fortune 500 company that pays $2,500 per minute. Raving fan experiences start with a raving fan solution.

The goal is to help solopreneurs make a livable wage doing their passion and small businesses to do at least $1 million per year in revenue.

So what is the Brand Sidekick process?

There are 12 musts of marketing and the first one is innovation.

Brand Sidekick begins with immersion by having a videographer document the journey, this is the second must of marketing.

The third must of marketing is 1-on-1 sales, this is how clients become raving fans. A sales process is very important and must utilize a variety of 1-on-1 interactions that may include in person, text, audio, and video.

Printed materials and sales tools help create a tangible experience for the intangible, it is the forth must of marketing.

The fifth must of marketing is to have a website. It is 2019, you need to have a website (a customized digital page on the internet that is on a unique domain name to you). This is your internet address just like a physical property address, “location” or “name” is important. If we didn’t own BrandSidekick.com, we would be best off finding another business name.

Social media is the sixth must of marketing because it includes the 2-10 most important apps on your home screen. It is how you communicate with the world and how the world communicates with you.

Public Relations is creating the news. When you become the news thru positivity and creation, there is no better marketing, that is why it’s lucky number 7.

Email and Direct Mail are the eighth must of marketing and are combined because both should be targeted. This should not be a spray a pray method, if done targeted for a purpose, it can be powerful. Don’t be like the spammers with their mass mail that is the same for everyone.

The ninth must of marketing is events and trade shows, the reason they are important is because they combine education and networking. You can always learn by bringing a group of passionate people together.

Digital ADs are the tenth must of marketing because if you don’t know your customers then there is no point in creating a bunch of ADs wasting money.

Traditional physical media ADs are the eleventh must of marketing because they still do have their place for certain situations.

The twelfth and last must of marketing is the most telling of your experience… Referrals and word of mouth. If your customers, employees, and investors are talking about you for fun, then you have a winning combination.

So why am I doing this?

I struggled with suicidal ideation as far back as I can remember, as I grew up it became worse as I experienced the pains of life combined with the lack of a higher purpose.

There are 3 levels of happiness; Pleasure(Rockstar), Passion(Flow), Higher Purpose(Something Bigger than Yourself)

We have 6 human needs explained by Tony Robbins; Certainty, Uncertainty/Variety, Significance, Love, Growth, Contribution.

We have 5 levels of needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy; Physiological, Safety, Love/Belonging, Esteem, Self-Actualization.

And when you study these things, you begin to realize that our societies are missing some very crucial pieces.

If housing and food is too expensive then people will work jobs that don’t contribute to their human needs other than certainty or physiological and then they will struggle to build upon that weak foundation.

I believe that our life’s work is where we should gain most of our human needs.

Our work fills so much of our lives that it must be ON PURPOSE.

I can’t breathe when I’m not living a life in alignment with the following statement.

I am happy, healthy, and abundant thru faith. I work with passion to solve problems and serve others. I play hard. I love harder. I learn and grow with curiosity. And then I pay-it-forward with gratitude because the best compensation is the ability to do more.

If this resonates with you, then Brand Sidekick can help you get to the next level. Call me at 517-803-2722

Thank you for your contribution,
Anthony Joseph Bassett